Mar 222013

Brahmalok is the The Realm of Consciousness. It refers to that “part” of the universe, where thoughts happen. It is not just a realm but an entity too. So it is not just the place where thoughts exist but saying that it IS thoughts will not be inaccurate either. This “thing” cannot be perceived by the physical senses nor sensed by any scientific instruments, though it can influence both. It is independent of time and space. It is the land of the dreams :-) .

It is here that all psychic phenomenon happen. It is real and it exists but its just that it still is kind of a mystery to modern science, though there are a lot of scientists who have been able to get amazing results by conducting research in this area (The Field). We have always had the tendency of classifying the “unexplainable” under the supernatural/religious domain. It is only after we have a scientific explanation for something that we consider it as “natural”. There was a time when magnetism was considered supernatural, evil spirits were thought to be responsible for causing diseases, the earth was flat, sun revolved around the earth and moon had its own light. These worldviews were so strong that anyone trying to prove otherwise was persecuted like Galileo was.

Worldviews often change with time, and it seems that the time has come for a scientific explanation of Brahmalok. Today there are so many scientists researching various kinds of psychic phenomena like Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Distant Healing, Reiki, ESP, Psychic Healing, OBE, NDE, Remote Viewing etc..

This site has been created to share information on what is happening around the world in this field from a scientific perspective. You are welcome to participate in this quest to seek the truth.

Sep 262012

One of the books that I strongly recommend reading and I love to read again and again is The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle. It is not only a very easy read but actually has an impact on on the way you think, the way you see yourself and the world, the way you experience life. You will not only understand the value of living in the “NOW” but will actually experience it too.